Python Projects For Class 12 With Source Code

Last updated March 7, 2024 by Jarvis Silva

Looking for some class 12 python projects, then you are at the right place because in this article I will share with you python projects for class 12 with source code.

If your teacher is after you for project submission and you are that kid who stays till the last date of submission like me, then you don’t need to worry now because I will provide you with projects you can submit to your teacher.

Here is the complete list of python projects will see:

If you have knowledge of python programming, then you can edit the source code of these projects and add additional features if you want, now let’s see each project in detail.

1. Python Tic Tac Toe Game Project

Tic Tac Toe is one of the most popular games played in school on books with friends. This python project is very interesting. This game is created with the pygame python library.

It is a GUI game which will allow users to play the game if you want to make this project then refer to this guide for complete implementation and source code of this project – Python Tic Tac Toe Game Project Source Code.

2. Python Snake Game Project

You must have played the snake game when you were kids on your mobiles so creating a snake game in python is going to be fun and interesting.

In snake game every time the snake eats the snake grows and if it touches itself or the border the game ends. If you want the source code and implementation of this game then you can visit here – Python Snake Game Project Source Code.

3. Python Library Management System Project

A library management system is a system which keeps the records of books which are there in a library. This type of system must be there in schools and colleges.

This python project will have a GUI, so we have used python tkinter library for this project. If you want to get the source code of this project, you can visit here – Python Library Management System Project Source Code.

4. Python Simple ATM Project

An ATM is a machine from which we can withdraw cash from our bank account, similar to that of this python project which will allow users to deposit and withdraw cash from their bank account.

This python project is mostly done by many students. If you want to do this project then visit here for source code and implementation – Python Simple ATM Project Source Code.

5. Python Simple Bank Management System Project

This is a bank management system which allows a user to create an account, withdraw and deposit from it, update account details and many more.

This is a console based project with no GUI.

6. Python Simple Quiz App Project

questions = [
        "question": "What is the capital of France?",
        "options": ["Paris", "Rome", "Madrid", "Berlin"],
        "answer": "Paris"
        "question": "What is the largest planet in our solar system?",
        "options": ["Mars", "Jupiter", "Venus", "Saturn"],
        "answer": "Jupiter"
        "question": "What is the smallest country in the world?",
        "options": ["Vatican City", "Monaco", "San Marino", "Liechtenstein"],
        "answer": "Vatican City"

score = 0

for question in questions:
    for i, option in enumerate(question["options"]):
        print(f"{i + 1}. {option}")
    user_answer = input("Enter your answer (1-4): ")
    if question["options"][int(user_answer) - 1] == question["answer"]:
        score += 1

print(f"You scored {score}/{len(questions)}")

Above is the python code for a simple quiz app, this program asks the user multiple quizes and based on the answers they provide it gives them a score, you can add as many questions you want.


These were all the class 12 python projects you can submit to your teacher, I hope you found the project to submit, I will update this article with more projects for you so to get updated join our Telegram channel.

If you want python programs for class 12 practicals then read this guide: Python programs for class 12 practicals.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day 🙂