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Convert HTML To DOCX In Python

Convert HTML To DOCX In Python

Looking for a tutorial on how to convert HTML to Docx In Python then you are at the right place, Today in this article I will show you how to convert HTML File To Docx File In Python Programming.

HTML is a markup language which is used to build websites, whereas DOCX is a file format used by Microsoft Word to save text document files.

So if you have a .html file and you want to convert it into a docx file, then you can do it in python easily with just 3 lines of code.

Python Code To Convert HTML To Docx File

from htmldocx import HtmlToDocx

parser = HtmlToDocx()
parser.parse_html_file('sample.html', 'output')

print("Document converted successfully")

Above is the python code to convert HTML to docx file. You can run this code and see the result. To run this program you need to have python installed, if you don’t have, then read this: Install and setup python.

Follow this steps to run this program:

  • First, create a new folder for this program.
  • Open it in a code editor of your choice.
  • Create a python file with .py extension.
  • Copy and paste the above code in the file

After completing the above step, you will have the python code to convert HTML File To Docx File.

parser.parse_html_file('sample.html', 'output')

In the above function first argument you need to enter the location name of the HTML file you want to convert and in the second argument enter the name you want of the converted output DOCX file.

So you are ready with the code but you will not be able to run it because as you can see I have used a library to convert an HTML file to a DOCX file which is htmldocx.

HTMLDocx is a python library which can be used to convert HTML files to docx files. There are many other operations you can perform with this library.

Because of this library, we didn’t have to write a lot of complex code. So when we use a library in python we need to install it to work, so to install the library use the below command.

pip install htmldocx

Paste the above command in the terminal or command prompt and it will install this library in your system.

So you have the library you are ready to run this program, so to run it paste the below command in your terminal at your program folder location.

python filename.py

After running the program you will see that it will print that the file converted successfully and if you check in your folder you will see a DOCX file and if you open it in word you will see a compiled HTML document.


This was the tutorial on converting a HTML To Docx File in python. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful. Do share this tutorial with your friends who might need this or find it helpful.

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Thanks for reading, have a nice day 🙂