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Convert Kilograms To Pounds In Python

Last updated January 31, 2024 by Jarvis Silva

In this python tutorial we will see how can we convert kilograms to pounds using python, to convert kilograms to pounds (lbs) we first need to know how much is 1kg in pounds, 1kg is 2.205 pounds so we just need to multiply the kg with 2.205 and we will get the result in pounds

Example of how this program will work

Input: 2 KG
Output: 4.41 Pounds
Input: 10 KG
Output: 22.05 Pounds

So now let’s write it in python code.

Python Code To Convert Kilograms To Pounds

kg = int(input("Enter weight in KG: "))
pound = 2.205 

result = kg * pound

print(f"{result} Pounds")

As you can see from the code we multiply the kg that user enter with pound value and that gives use the kilograms in pounds format.

To test this you can run it on your computer or use an online python compiler, when you run It will ask you to enter the kg you want to convert to pounds, and it will print the result in pounds below is an example output of this program.

Enter weight in KG: 2
4.41 Pounds

As you can see it successfully converts kg to pounds so this was a very simple python program I hope you found this python tutorial helpful and useful, do share it with your friends who migh need it.

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