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Convert ipynb To Python File format

Last updated January 31, 2024 by Jarvis Silva

In this tutorial we will see how to convert ipynb to python file, ipynb is a jupyter file which we have to convert to .py which is a python file.

To convert ipynb to a python file you need to have jupyter installed on your computer if you don’t have jupyter installed, read this guide: Install jupyter notebook.

Convert single ipynb file to python file

jupyter nbconvert --to script filename.ipynb

Open command prompt or terminal at the file folder location paste the above command enter the name of your file where I have written the filename you want to convert and hit enter it will convert the file in a .py extension. 

Convert multiple ipynb files to python files

jupyter nbconvert --to script filename.ipynb filename2.ipynb

Use the above command to convert multiple ipynb files you just have entered the name of another file next to the first file, it will convert the files into py file.

You should see files with .py in your folder

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