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Convert Rupee to Paise in Python

Convert Rupee to Paise in Python

Looking for a way to convert rupee to paise in python programming then you are at the right place today I will show you how to convert rupee to paise in python I will provide you with the code just read till the end.

Converting rupees to paise in python is going to be very easy. I will show you everything step by step. Before I show you in code, let’s see some examples of how to do this.

Example 1

Input: 10 Rupees
Output: 1000 paise

Example 2

Input: 5 Rupees
Output: 500 paise

From the above example you can see that we give it an input of 10 rupees, then it will give the output of 1000 paise. Now let’s see how to do this in code.

Code To Convert Rupee To Paise In Python

paise = 100
rs = int(input('Enter amount in rupees: '))

result = rs * paise

print(f"{result} paise")

Above is the code to convert rupees to paise in python so first create a new folder, open it in a code editor, create a python file and copy and paste the above code in the file.

You can now run the program to run it, open a command prompt or terminal at the project location and paste the below command, or you can use an online python compiler to test.

python filename.py

The above command will run the program and it will ask you to enter the amount of rupees to convert to paise below is the example output.

Enter amount in rupees: 100
10000 paise

If you don’t have python installed on your computer, To install python, refer to this guide: Install and setup python on your computer. 

How does the program work?

Now let’s see how this program works, so 1 rupee is 100 paise, so 2 rupees would be 200 paise so to convert rupee to paise we need to multiply the amount of rupees with 100 paise.

It will give us the amount in paise format. I hope you understood how this program works as I said it was a simple program.


This was the program to convert rupee to paise in python. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful. Do share this with your friends who need this program.

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