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Fixed ‘numpy.uint32’ object is not iterable

Published July 5, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this article I will provide you with the solution ‘numpy.unit32’ object is not itereable and also tell why this erros occurs, numpy is a python library used for calculations purposes.

This error mainly occurs when you try to iterate over an object of type numpy.uint32, which is not iterable. In other words, you are attempting to loop over a single value instead of a collection of values, below is an example code which will cause this error.

import numpy as np

# Example 1: Iterating over a single value (numpy.uint32 object)
x = np.uint32(5)

for item in x:


TypeError: 'numpy.uint32' object is not iterable

So now inorder to fix this issue we need to make sure we are iterating over a collection like list or iterable object, so we need to iterate over a list, we need to use the np.unit32(4) function inside a list then iterate, below is an example code.

import numpy as np

# Example 2: Iterating over a list of numpy.uint32 values
x_list = [np.uint32(5), np.uint32(10), np.uint32(15)]

for item in x_list:



Above is the output you will get when you run the code, as you can see we successfully iterated over the numbers and fixed the numpy unit32 object not iterable error, I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful, do share it with your friends who might be facing this issue.

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Thanks for reading, Have a nice day 🙂