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Random Lottery Number Generator In Python

Published July 3, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this article we will create a python program to generate lottery number, this program will generate a random lottery number so we will use the python random module to generate random numbers.

import random

num_numbers = int(input("How many lottery numbers would you like to generate? "))
max_number = int(input("What is the maximum number for the lottery? "))

lottery_numbers = random.sample(range(1, max_number + 1), num_numbers)

print("Your lottery numbers are:")
for number in lottery_numbers:

Above is the python code to generate lottery numbers, In the code I have first imported the random module then we take 2 inputs from the user, first input is how many lottery numbers to generate and next input is what should be the maximun number in a lottery.

Next we use the random.sample() method, it takes a range of numbers from 1 to the maximum number specified by the user and generates a random number between that range then finally we print the generated lottery numbers, below is an example output.

How many lottery numbers would you like to generate? 5
What is the maximum number for the lottery? 1000
Your lottery numbers are:

As you can see we successfully created the lottery number generator using python, you can run this program on your computer or use this online python compiler.

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