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Draw Hanuman Ji Using Python

Published October 11, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw Hanuman Ji using python, Hanuman is a hindu god of wisdom, power, courage, discipline and more.

To create this python program to draw hanuman we will use turtle, svgpathtools, svg.path and tqdm these libraries will allow us to draw hanuman in python so before moving to the code we need to first install these libraries, use below commands to install:

# install turtle
pip install turtle

# install svgpathtools
pip install svgpathtools

# install svg.pathpip install svg.path
pip install svg.path

#install tqdm
pip install tqdm

Run the above commands and it will install all the libraries in your system now let’s see how to code it.

Python code to draw Hanuman Ji

import turtle as tu
from svgpathtools import svg2paths2
from svg.path import parse_path
from tqdm import tqdm

class sketch_from_svg:

    def __init__(self,path,scale=30,x_offset=350,y_offset=350):

        self.path = path
        self.x_offset = x_offset
        self.y_offset = y_offset
        self.scale = scale

    def hex_to_rgb(self,string):
        strlen = len(string)
        if string.startswith('#'):
            if strlen == 7:
                r = string[1:3]
                g = string[3:5]
                b = string[5:7]
            elif strlen == 4:
                r = string[1:2]*2
                g = string[2:3]*2
                b = string[3:4]*2
        elif strlen == 3:
                r = string[0:1]*2
                g = string[1:2]*2
                b = string[2:3]*2
            r = string[0:2]
            g = string[2:4]
            b = string[4:6]
        return int(r,16)/255,int(g,16)/255, int(b,16)/255


    def load_svg(self):
        print('loading data')
        paths,attributes,svg_att = svg2paths2(self.path)
        h = svg_att["height"]
        w = svg_att['width']
        self.height = int(h[:h.find('.')])
        self.width = int(w[:w.find('.')])

        res = []
        for i in tqdm(attributes):
            path = parse_path(i['d'])
            co = i['fill']
            col = self.hex_to_rgb(co)
            n = len(list(path))+2       
            pts = [((int((p.real/self.width)*self.scale))-self.x_offset, (int((p.imag/self.height)*self.scale))-self.y_offset) for p in (path.point(i/n) for i in range(0,n+1))]
        print('svg data loaded')
        return res

    def move_to(self,x, y):

    def draw(self,retain=True):
        coordinates = self.load_svg()
        self.pen = tu.Turtle()
        for path_col in coordinates:
            f = 1
            path = path_col[0]
            col = path_col[1]
            next = 0
            for coord in path:
                #for coord in path_col:
                x,y = coord
                y *= -1
                if f:
                    self.move_to(x, y)

        if retain == True:
pen= sketch_from_svg('hanuman.svg',scale=70)  

Above is the complete python code which will draw hanuman ji, In the code we use turtle and a svg image of hanuman so before running this program you need to give it a image of hanuman in svg format, you can download the hanuman image I used from below.

After downloading the image move the image inside your python program folder and add the image path inside the sketch_from_svg() function and run the program, below is the output you will get.

Hanuman Ji Drawing Output

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As you can see from above we successfully drawn Hanuman using python, I hope you liked this program and do share it with your friends. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊