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Write Your Name In Python Using Turtle

Last updated July 3, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this tutorial I will show you how to write your name in python using turtle, We will use the write() method in turtle to write your name it is a turtle method which allows you to write your text on the screen you can change the font, color and size.

Python Program To Write Your Name In Turtle

import turtle as t

name = input("Enter your name: ")
t.write(name,font=("Arial", 50,"bold","italic"))


Above is the code for drawing your name in turtle, as you can see in the code we first take name input from the user then we use the write method to draw that name.

When you run the program it will ask you to enter your name in the console then it will open the window with your name printed on it.

Name Drawing In Python Turtle

As you can see, I entered Cristiano Ronaldo it printed it, so we successfully created this program.

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