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Draw Instagram Logo Using Python

Last updated July 3, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this tutorial I will show you howt to draw Instagram logo using python, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform, You can post photos, reels and do many other things on Instagram.

We will use the turtle module to draw this logo in python, turtle is a GUI library with the help of this library you can draw anything in python. 

Python Code To Draw Instagram Logo

from turtle import *


for i in range(4):



Above is the code for drawing the Instagram logo, as you can see in the code it is all turtle methods so let’s see how the code works.

  • The code imports the entire turtle module, allowing access to its functions and classes.
  • The background color is set to a light gray color (#f3f3f3).
  • The pen color is set to a purplish color (#bc2a8d).
  • The pen width is set to 23 pixels.
  • The pen is lifted up using penup() and the turtle’s initial position is set to (160, -100) using goto().
  • The pen is lowered down using pendown().
  • The turtle turns left by 90 degrees (left(90)).
  • A loop is executed four times to draw the outline of a rounded rectangle. Inside the loop: a. The turtle moves forward by 250 pixels (forward(250)). b. The turtle makes a quarter-circle turn with a radius of 34 pixels (circle(34, 90)).
  • The pen is lifted up using penup().
  • The turtle’s position is changed to (85, 30) using goto().
  • The pen is lowered down using pendown().
  • A complete circle with a radius of 80 pixels is drawn using circle(80, 360).
  • The pen is lifted up again.
  • The turtle’s position is changed to (110, 130) using goto().
  • The pen is lowered down.
  • A small circle with a radius of 7 pixels is drawn using circle(7, 360).
  • The done() function is called to finish the drawing and keep the turtle graphics window open until manually closed.

Now to run this program you need to have python installed on your computer, If you don’t have then you can use this online python compiler or follow this guide: Install and setup python on your computer.

When you run the program, a new window will open, and it will start drawing the Instagram logo. The code will generate the complete and finished drawing of the Instagram logo like below.

Instagram Logo Drawing

As you can see, the program successfully drew the Instagram logo, I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful, do share this tutorial with your friends who might be interested in this program.

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