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Python Program To Draw Cindrella

Published October 16, 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this tutorial I will show you how to create the python program to draw Cindrella, It is one of the most popular fairy tales also there is a movie on it, Cindrella is troubled by her stepmother and 2 stepsisters, then a magical fairy comes who turns cindrella into a beautiful princess so she can meet a prince.

There is more to it you should definately read or watch this movie I loved it so I decided to draw cindrella using my python skills so inorder to draw cindrella we will use the sketchpy module in python which allows us to create sketch of anything by just giving a image, so install the sketchpy module by using below command:

pip install sketchpy

After installing the library now let’s see how to code this program, it is going to be very simple code.

Python code To Draw Cindrella

from sketchpy import canvas

img = canvas.sketch_from_svg("cindrella.svg")

Above is the 3 lines of code required to draw Cindrella in python, everything is handled by the sketchpy module we just have to give the sketch_from_svg() function a image of Cindrella in svg format, you can dowload the image I used for this program from below:

After downloading the image move it in your python program folder and add the image file name in the sketch_from_svg() function and hit run.

Cindrella Final Drawing Output

After running it will open a new window and start drawing cindrella, above is the final output of this program, As you can see we successfully drawn cindrella using python.

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I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful, do share it with someone who loves Cindrella. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊